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Around a month ago I had severe allergic reaction to mold and dust and I
had diffulty breathing, acid reflux, inflammation in the body, allergic
conjuctivitis, allergic prostatitis, swollen/inflamed inner ear, hives etc. When i
found out I immediately left that house and am now in a clean environment.
The doctor put me on Cetirizine ten days, Nasonex (steroidal
nose spray) and Azelastine Hydrochloride Eye drops.

I finished that around ten days ago. But still the inflamation in the
body, muscle ache and soreness and body chills remain - though most of the
other symptoms have gone. I am really worried, is my body recovering?
Though this all has decreased in the past twenty days but not much, Would
it slowly go away? Did anybody else go through this? What should I do to speed up the recovery? Please share your experiences.