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Last week I posted about being worried about my 5 year olds morning behavior. Well, I think I know the answer now. She has really bad allergies and is on Singulair and Zyrtec all the time. For several weeks, we have noticed that she was not hearing as well as she used to. We scheduled a hearing test. She has some hearing loss (temporary) because the allergies have caused fluid to collect behind her eardrums. The doctor gave us samples of Nasonex to try for 3 weeks. He is hoping this will dry up the fluid. If it works, I guess we have another med to do every night. If it does not work, he is suggesting tubes to drain the fluid and restore hearing. He is also going to draw blood for allergy testing.

I do not really have a questions. I was just wondering if anyone else had expereinced this before. I had heard that sometimes tubes could cause fluid to back up. I don't want to do something that will cause further problems down the road. She has never had tubes before.
The Nasonex seems to be drying up the fluid behind my daughters ears. Her hearing has improved and she has not been suffering all the allergy symptoms as before. She is still taking the Zyrtec and Singulair everynight. I do not know what is the best route to take. Should we continue with Nasonex every night for who knows how long or opt for the tubes? We don't want our daughter to have an unnecessary procedure, but we also do not want her to takes meds all the time.

Any advice would be appreciated.