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Thank you for the response.

I agree with the doctor not knowing/caring enough, and this is the one I paid thousands for a septoplasty to. Also to note my condition a CT was done proving zero infection in any part of the sinuses, also he did reduce my turbinates on one side.

I actually purchased all those items you mentioned the other day from a suggestion I found on the internet, it included the salt, baking soda, and also pickling salt, sounds a little brutal to me, but I'll give it a shot. Thank you for the explicit instructions and suggestion. Can you purchase empty nasal bottles? In the suggestion I found elsewhere it said use a waterpik nasal machine.

Regarding the Afrin, you are most correct on that, in fact, the doctor suggest I try Afrin, then quickly ween myself off of it, and the rebound the next day made it not worth it at all. They have also had me try Nasonex and some other anahistamines, even over time they had zero effect.

I will be trying the irrigation suggestion and will let you know how that goes.

The soap thing seems fairly intriguing, reminds me of this talk show I saw recently where this guy suggested putting a potato next to the bed of a kid with a fever..hah.. Nevertheless, I certainly won't shun anything you say until I try it, thanks again.