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Hey everyone. This is a followup from a previous post.

We took our daughter in for the followup hearing test. Her hearing is somewhat worse than 1 month ago. The ENT said the fluid is still building up behind her eardurms and that the Nasonex is not drying it up like he'd hoped. He recommends physically going in and draining the fluid and putting tubes in her ears. He said that this would improve her hearing and keep the fluid from building up again.

I am nervous and thinking about a year from now. Will the fluid build back up as her allergies are what is causing this and I guess she will always be bothered with them?

He will also be blood testing her while she is asleep and we may be talking about allergy treatments. They now do drops under the tongue for small children. This may be what will help the fluid.

Sorry if I am rambling, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this sort of thing. Everyone I talk to thinks 5 years old is too old for tubes. The ENT said that no matter the age, if hearing loss is the issue, he will always recommend tubes.

Looking forward to hearing any advice or input.

Thank you very much