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I have had two ENT based surgeries.. the first was an attempt to avoid the second.

1) bilaterial turboplasty cauterizing 30% of my nasal membranes.. gave me some relief but not enough
2) tonsillectomy, adnoidectomy and full endoscopic sinus surgery involving another 30% membrane reduction in maxillary and inferior sinus cavities.. window insertion in all sinus cavities.. complete membrane removal from my ethnoid and back sinus.. and sinus passage widening.

Now I breathe.. I drain and my anti-histamines do their job.. No more need for Nasonex or singular.. only need decongesstants when allergies are really bad or I am fighting a virus. Sinus infection free since Oct.17th, 2006 (Surgery date).. and feel on top of the world.

I would do the surgery again if my symptoms mystically reapeared.