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Dito on the time frame Titchou pulled up. I am in Chattanooga TN and Oak is still blooming hard here.. along with
Count - Aggravant: Chattanooga TN
392 - Pine, Poplar, Maple, Cedar, Birch, Oak, Elm
1628 - Cladosporium, Alternaria, Drechslera, Perconia, Sporidesmium, Fusariella

Just for reference.. hazardous levels for anyone.. not just those sensitive to the specific active pollens - 301 - 500. What does this tell you? Well tree pollens are at hazardous levels and those six molds up there are over 3x the hazardous limit. So far we haven't exceeded 81x the hazardous limit from early in the blooming.. but grasses are yet to come.

I use Zyrtec, saline nasal rinses, and Nasonex.. they are my family staples and what work best for us.

:) MG