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Hi, Puerto Rico is under a very bad dust cloud that came from the Sahara Desert, this happens in the summers, but this summer have been extreme. I have never suffered from allergies before but since this dust cloud came yesturday, my throat hurts so much and my eyes are really irritated.

My mom gave me some clarinex 5mg tablets she had left and her nasonex 50mcg nasal spray. Is this alright? is just for a couple of days...

also I try to look on the net for Deconsal II 60-600C and I did not find any info, I think this is a allergy treatment, my mom also gave it to me. Is it for allergies??

I normally don't "borrow" prescription medicines but since it's just an allergy medicine and i looked for information online, I thought it was safe to take clarinex/nasonex..

I would agree with Sannah that what you are experiencing is irritation versus allergies. I'm not very allergic to Pine Pollen but where I live things are coated with it for about 1 month and it irritates my eyes and lungs just because of the amount. It shouldn't hurt to take Clarinex or Nasonex however.. maybe just take one though. If the Clarinex does not ease your symptoms then it's not allergies.