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i've had allergies a good dose of my life, about 15 years or so. i used to take claritin, flonase, and inhalers, a good dose of that time, for about 5-10 years. but when i forgot to take the medication, my allergies were horrendous. claritin stopped working for me. these medications gave me side effect of having to urinate constantly, nervousness, and hyperness.

i didn't want to see doctors or take medication daily anymore, so i did my own research, reading extensively on the web. i learned of a few things: homeopathic route, and i learned of candida, yeast over growth, candida diet, and food allergies. well, the homeopathic meds i ordered online didn't do much for me. otc medicine don't do much for me, and usually my allergies return w/ a vengeance. allergists have prescribed me allergy medication, such as nasonex which gave me horrible rebound effects.

my allergies are pretty bad. i would have to say it really affected my life in big ways. i get a lot of allergy attacks. i don't want to go into the run of the mill symptoms, bc i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.

well, the only thing that has ever worked for me was going on a strict candida diet. for the first time in my life i felt like a new person. this lasted 6 mos, or less bc sticking to the diet became very difficult. i avoided many things including wheat, yeast, gluten, sugar, junk food, fried foods, alcohol, meat, dairy, refined foods, you name it. after feeling so good, i went back to my old eating habits, and my allergies returned. i had never been tested for food allergies at the allergist before, i discovered it on my own. i am not only allergic to food but, everything. you know what i'm talking about, so i won't get into that either.

well, i am going back on the diet, and seeking the help of allergists, and alternative doctors as well, such as acupunturist, naturopaths, homeopaths, (chiropractic, hypnotherapist, i will try anything.) ETC, and doing more. we'll see how it goes. i really would prefer not taking daily meds though. i met a lady who swears by acupuncture. everyone's experience and road w/ allergies are different.

my onset of allergies started precisely when i was extremely depressed. this happened w/ my friends too, their allergies started this way. so far, the only thing that has worked for me was knowledge of candida, candida diet, food avoidance, etc. but i will try more.

good luck with your allergies too.