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How old is your child? The allergy testing often give false negatives until the child has reached the age of 6. My son is 4.5 and in a similar boat. Unfortunately he has my sinuses and vasomotor rhinittus on top of allergies that have yet to be identified.

We use zyrtec.. Claritin did nothing for him and Zrytec covers more allergens and some pollutants.
We use singular and flonase, but we are contemplating a change to Nasonex.. which helps with pollutant responses that others do not.
We use Crantex daily (psuedopedrine Guafen prescript. mix)

And.. saline nasal spray rinses.. in the morning.. afternoon.. and before bed. This helps keep the allergens washed out of the sinues and reduce the membrane irritaion and swelling. As to use in conjunction with the flonase.. you need to to the saline spray before the flonase or you wash it away before it can work.

Good luck and you are not alone. When your child is old enough look into a bilateral turboplasty to safely remove excess hyperactive nasal membranes. This is not destructive and the neutralized membranes will regenerate over a period of time.