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I take allergy shots, Zyrtec-D (switched from Allegra-D, thanks to my insurance no longer covering it), Flovent nasally via a baby bottle nipple (this is rather weird, as Flovent is an asthma-prevention inhaler) and Astelin.

Anyone ever try Flovent instead of Nasonex, Rhinocort, etc? My doc said it's 4x stronger than those (the others never really worked for me). The Astelin is NOT a steroid, but an antihistamine spray. It has an awful after taste, but actually does seem to help.

I don't know if the shots are making a difference (been on them for about 1.5 years). However, I can tell when I'm within a week of shot time...I become stuffy (feels like swelling deep within my nose), and get lousy headaches.

I've had sinus surgery, which has helped reduce the # of sinius infections. Also had turbinate reduction surgery. This made an incredible difference in the stuffiness I get, but only for a few months.

Oh, yeah...anyone get Brain Fog with allergies besides me?:cool: