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Food allergies normally have more severe symptoms.. like hives, swelling of the throat and tongue, vomiting (this is an oral allergy toxin repulsion effect). Pain between the eyes and spreading seems to indicate a sinus headache or migraine. I am not discounting a food allergy, but it sounds more like my father's lactose intolerance where he phlems up whenever he eats dairy and might get a touch of IBS, but exhibits no other allergic symptoms.

Another thought would be smoke inhalation allergic response. Is there alot of smoking in the restaurants? I get splitting headaches as do the rest of my family about cigarette smoke. It is our worst irritant reaction that aggravates our vasomotor rhinittus. The only thing that helps is leaving the place where the smoke is and using our saline sprays to rinse out the smoke with a quick nasonex chaser.

The only way to know for sure about an allergy is to keep food diaries and get tested. A quick test to see if it is the food versus the restaurant is to order carry out them pick it up and eat at home. If it still happens I would check into lactose intollerance.. if all is great. I would bet hard earned money on a sensitivity to cigarette smoke.