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Your allergies maybe causing constantly aggravated tonsils and adnoids which if enlarged to a significant degree can cause sleep apnea and as a result chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue. I would look into see the ENT and getting your tonsils and adnoids checked out. I just got mine removed Oct 2006 to improve my sleep apnea.

I am not allergic to furry critters themselves.. but I am allergic to what they track in.. as a result I have had to adopt the policy of either indoor or outdoor animals only. Dogs are outdoor.. cat indoor. Also I bath and groom them regularly. In addition, I vacuum (2x a week) and clean the carpet and upholstery with a hoover steam cleaner and allegen reducer (biweekly) routinely.

I have had two separate allergy shot treatments for two different states that I have lived in as well as take zyrtec and nasonex. This manages me well since my T&A and complete sinus surgery last October.