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My whole family lives with swollen lymph nodes. Even my 4.5 year old. We do the zyrtec, nasonex, singular, decongestant routine on a daily basis. The anti-histamines will help with reducing the anti-histamine production but not stop it completely or prevent your body from reacting to it. Your son is old enough to take to an allergist. He is still a bit young to have reliable scratch testing done, but getting your son to an allergy/immunologist now will make him more comfortable when he has to have that wonderful testing session.

There are many reasons why lymph nodes swell and I wouldn't stress over it too much. Give it time and best wishes. You are doing all you can and your son will pick up on your worries. They pick up on everything at that age. Mine told me just this morning he will do everything his favorite adults do.. then he began to list my husband's bad habits. Leg shaking while he is working at the desk, chewing his nails and fingers, etc. ::sigh:: I am mentally checking every move I make and word I say now. I do not want him to pick up my bad habits.. although he talks to himself in immitation of me already.