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GERD, postnasal drip go hand in hand, sometimes with asthma. it is complicated. but have you changed your diet, or done the things regularily recommended by docs for GERD? i finally saw an ear, nose , throat doc. he recommended this new nasal wash that involves placing a packet of premeasured pulmicort granules into distilled water into a special bottle and spraying in the nostrils. he says once i try it i'll never want to 'go back' (to the nasonex i am on) as in addition to the medicine you are moisturizing the sinus's. i put off getting it because i am sick of paying more and more money for stuff not covered on my medical. but i think this week i will get some and try. i dont know if the nasal drip "causes" stomach problems, but the acid reflux does, and they are connected somehow.