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Okay I dont know whats going on with me and I have had every test known to man except Lyme Disease and Allergy testing. So hopefully you all can help me out, heres what going on......

I wake up with nausea and have to shove food or clear liquids down my throat to help me get going.

Constant feeling of weakness and nausea through out the day.

When i bounce or walk up and down my stairs I feel fluid clicking.

When I go outside I get a tight throat feeling and shortness of breath.

I can only breathe out of one nostril at all times.

Im constantly swallowing cause I have clear mucus in my nose/throat cant tell its like in betweem.

Black/dark half circles on teh inside of my eyes. Especially noticable when i wake up.

Fatigue every day.

Upper back aches which cause my arms to ache.

Anxiety that comes and goes depending on my nausea

This was all more severe 3 weeks ago... I had post nasal drip, severe nausea where i couldnt get up to do anything, anxiety, blurred vision/ drunk feeling that was relieved by nasonex, senstive teeth where i couldnt brush them etc.

Doc gave me steroids and antibiotics for bacterial infection but it seemed to make me worse.

Anyhelp with my current sympotoms?

I just had a CT sinuses done and waiting on results. Meeting with allergy doctor thursday.

Thanks for you help. I actually got my ct scan back on my sinuses which came back negative. They said I have no infection. I am currently taking zegerid for Acid reflux, zyrtec for allergies, nasonex, and armour thyroid 30 mg. Who knows whats causing my weakness and nausea. Thats the main thing thtas bothering me.