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Hi all! I had maybe two good days without hives thanks to Zyrtec and didn't take it today and they have returned tonight I am really trying to put a bunch of symptoms together since I have recently addressed the gall bladder thing and everything comes back to the same thing--my stomach and colon issues. What this means is the acid reflux/possible bile reflux and the colon problem with the diverticulosis. Throw in some sinus/postnasal drip/feels like a migraine coming on problem and what have you got? Me and my hives! It all seems to definitely point to an autoimmune/allergic/digestive disease thing and I would like to ask if anyone else has found the same response either chronically or at various times. Has anyone found a med that kind of helps with all of these connections other than an H1 or H2 blocker? I end up stopping the meds sometimes because of the side effects. Sometimes the disease isn't as bad as the treatment. Right now I'm taking Zyrtec once a day, Nasonex, and Risperdal 2x a day. They make me tired but at least I have a grip on the hive thing. Thanks so much--Hopeto--
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I have chronic hives. Aso other things with the mast cell.
I am allergic to everything. There is not much I can eat, touch, smell, ect...
I am allergic to every antibiotic now and benedryl as well as all nsaids and pain relievers.

I am taking

Prednisone (steriod)
Plaquenil (malaria Drug)
Zantac (stomach med extreemly high dosages 600+ mg a day)
Nasonex (steriod nasal spray)
Singulair (asthma-allergy med)
proventil (inhailer)

These drugs are all used to stop the mast cells in my body from reacting to things (autoimmune)

Have you trried any of these meds?

Sorry, I am new on here and just saw you post. Do you see an immunologist? Do you know what brings on your hives or is it like mine, just chronic?

Hi Kristin--The allergy docs ususally rotate my meds after a bit because either I suffer the serious side effects(I hate dry nose and mouth) or they poop out. They are Claritin, Nasonex, Zyrtec--I have to say right now it's Zyrtec 1X a day. The Nasonex helps me for about 3 or 4 days and then I have to stop--I hate the feeling steroids give me. My system is very sensitive to meds and right now I am suffering with fibromyalgia and want to stop Risperdal (for anxiety) because it's making my muscles stiff. Today is a very depressing day because I'd like to just get up some morning and say,"Hey! I'm not feeling too bad today". I don't think that is ever going to be. I will let you know what the next chapter is. I even find antidepressants poop out lately on me, too. I will check with the pdoc and other fibro specialists to see if they have new things to try. God bless and take care--Hopeto--