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Not exactly.

Vasomotor rhinitis is an allergy to irritants and your environment(pressure changes as storm fronts pass and such). In particular, pollutants like smoke, exhaust, chemicals floating about in the air.

Allergic rhinitis is an allergy response to pollens, mold spores and allergic danders. This is a response to testable allergens.

My allergist gave me a definition I found cute. Vasomotor rhinitis is a nasal response allergic reaction anything we can not test for and identify. It is the allergic reaction to the unknown.

Many allergy sufferers have both vasomotor rhinitis and allergic rhinitis.. determining which one is kicking you in the head can be tricky. If you enter a room full of smoke.. maybe Vaso. Trapped in smog and traffic maybe vaso and allergic rhinitis. Weather shits and you are in a clean environment.. vaso. Running through wild flowers in a park.. allergic rhinitis. Allergies are not exact and since vasomotor rhinitis is an allergic response, just not to identifiable allergens, you can treat it as such. Zrytec and Nasonex with Singular are the best combinations I have found. Also using saline nasal spay before application of the Nasonex and ponaris nasal oil after the nasonex I have noticed an dramatic difference in my nasal sensitive to all but the weather change response.