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Hi mkgbrook, Yeah I do have autoimmune, Hashimoto's !!

I have read some of your posts, you are very helpful to many on here and the thyroid board..Why now am I getting allergic to so many things.. I am becoming ill with it as I am so scared to eat, I have inflammation of the duodenum, sinus pain I always get the pain above my nose,and headaches, I am on nasonex.

I am ever scared to go out sometimes because of the pollen, I don't like taking tablets...thanks for your help...Mandy
Zyrtec and Nasonex.. both are stonger than your combination and cover environmental irritants as well.

If you use a saline spray more to Pretz a Ph balanced nasal spray specially made for sensitive nasal membranes. And Ponaris Nasal Oil. Both are OTC. They help my nasal symptons greatly.