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[QUOTE=kelly80zoe04;3316983]My daughter has allergies that are exacerbated by cigarettes smoke. There is absolutely no smoking in our home, but my husband's parents smoke in their home, ,and have been for 20+ years. My husband says that as long as they don't smoke while our daughter is there, then there shouldn't be a problem with her allergies (even though they already don't smoke when I let her go, she still gets all the sneezing, runny nose, coughing, (lowere respiratory/bronchial) symptoms. Can you tell me if she needs to see an allergist for this issue, or are they just in complete denial that they are causing extreme harm to my daughter, and my relationship with my husband, because he claims to be stuck in the middle? I don't think she needs to see an allergist, as she is not allergic to the smoke, it only makes her allergies AWFULLY WORSE! I have spoken to them several times, and wrote a letter to my mother in law, yet the continue to claim their smoking does not affect my chiolds illness. How to you explain facts and common sense to people of this nature?

My son and husband and I all suffer from smoke irritation and yes allergy. It is common for sufferers of vasomotor rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis is an asthma or allergic response to environmental irritants or pollution. Second hand smoke and entering smoked in environments can and does make a difference and will trigger asthmatic responses in VR suffers.

My grandmother smokes and we now try and just pick her up and take her out of her home and visit other locations. We can not enter her home and visit it causes us to get sick every time. However the smoke has permiated her clothes and skin and just hugging her can cause irritation to our systems. We also react to the wood burning fireplaces of my parents and my husbands parents. They understand and thoroughly clean their fireplaces and use central heat a bit before we come for clod weather visits to help with matters.

There is no guaranteed cure, but application of zyrtec and nasonex as well as using Ponaris right before visiting does lesson the effects. There is no means to decrease sensitivity to the smoke.. no allergy shots and the like... the best you can do is treat the pollution/irritation based allergy with antihisatamines, a nasal cortiroid spray like Nasonex and insulate the nasal membranes with the Nasal oil Ponaris. Ponaris is OTC and often you need to get the pharmacist to order it. My ENT suggested it last October and it has made a huge difference. Visiting the allergist can give you relief through medication and will also identify any other allergies that may be an aggravant. Good luck in managing your families allergies.