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he is sending me for a cat scan of the sinuses and then some type of telescopic procedure of my nasal passages when i come back with the films, my question is does this procedure hurt and are there side effects after the procedure????

he also has me on astelin and nasonex and he gave me singulair... I took the astelin and that taste was so nasty and lingered for a few hours, dont know if i can take it, also gave me a bad headache and made me drowsy, any one else had this with taking astelin??

I dont want to take it anymore???? have not taken singulair, hate taking too much drugs, how are you supposed to know what really works if you take them all???....

He also says i may warrant allergy testing if the other exams come back negative...is this normal to do all those procedures first before alllery testing???
[QUOTE=MountainReader;3482387]I had a CAT scan of my sinuses and allergy testing last summer. I have been through the immunotherapy before, but my ENT wants me to try another round before considering sinus surgery. I average at least 4 sinus infections a year each lasting over a month.

I am on Allegra, Flonase, Astelin and Singulair. I went on them one at a time over a period of years. They all tackle the allergies differently. I'm not crazy about taking so much medicine, but after 15 years of sinus and allergy problems, I am thankful I have them.

By the way, I have had no problems with the Astelin.

how do u know which one has the best effect on you, when u take so much at once??? I know for me the nasonex alone doesnt work that effectively but with the Zrytec much better result...