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I've been off antibiotics for about a week. I was on them for about a month for a stubborn sinus infection. Usually i will get a bloody nose or blood on the tissue when i blow my nose because of my nasonex. Well i haven't used it in a couple of days because of the bloody snot. I am still irrigating at least twice a day if not 3. I'm using salt (net pot salt), baking soda and glycerin... anything else? I run two humidifiers too..

I wanted to try the sinus flooding but thought that might be too irritating. Anything else that i can try?
i've been told that i'm blowing my nose too hard.. which could be true. So now i'm trying not to blow unless i have just irrigated or a lot of sprays of saline. It is the scabs that are itching and i'm sure i dislodge it. It is just tough.. i want to heal and be better! Worst part is trying to work in my nasonex which irritates the healing nose. But if i don't use it i have more swelling and congestion when i wake up.. catch 22