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Yeah, I doubt I am allergic to any foods, especially dairy. I have had dairy nearly all my life.

I am due to get Deviated Septum surgery soon though. I guess I will see if the Dark Circles go away after that, and if they don't I will just have to keep on using Nasonex to control my allergies.
Two comments - first of all, for Nussy22: Wow! your allergy testing and injections cost 4 times what mine did (before insurance was taken into account). My initial tests were something like $600 and the serum is about $450 each time I get it (again, fortunately I have insurance so I only have to pay the copay) - I guess it pays to shop around for the right allergist.

PsWii - I know you mentioned in an earlier post that antihistamines haven't worked for your allergies. That makes me wonder because Nasonex alone won't solve your allergy problems - it will help with the congestion in your nose but not the underlying allergic reaction (which is what causes the shiners). You might consider experimenting with taking an antihistamine every day for a while to see if it helps because controlling that underlying allergic reaction may be the only thing that helps clear up the allergic shiners.