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Yes it can all be connected which my doctor pointed out. The drip can go down the stomach and cause nausea. I had a slight infection and was put on antibiotics, Mucinex D (to loosen the phlegm and open up airways), sinus wash, antihistamine spray, Nasonex, Advair, and Prevacid. I also had acid reflux, bad nausea spells for months, post nasal drip, dizziness. As soon as i took all of these things i felt better and no more nausea. My doctor has had me on 2 different antibiotics already and wanted to put me on a 3rd but i didnt as i was going on vacation. It seems the infections clear up a bit but not completely so she wanted to put me on something stronger (Levaquin) which i am scared to take due to side affects.
I was also able to breath again after doing all of the above. I would say to try the Mucinex D to loosen the plegm (this works great) and the Prevacid for the acid as the above poster mentioned.