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Hi folks, first post on here. Hope maybe to get some good advice. I will start as of today , GP gave me a 5 day course of " deltacortril enteric " to try and get swelling down in each nostril ( one swells at a time ). So any one used this drug before ?. My symptoms have been about since June this year. I had a cold for fortnight it went, but i thought oops still got blocked nose and continued to use " sinex " for blockage , but i did noT realise it was swollen tissue. GP thought hayfever type stuff and beconase was offered, no result. So sent to ENT specialist he offered nasonex spray , used for fortnight no result, then 25 days with flixonex no result either , so last fortnight cold turkey to see if would go away on its own but my luck :( it has not , so now got oral steriod to take as of today 20mls of deltacortril entric. This is the first ever long term illness i have had and is really getting me down. It blocks of airway and makes me very panicky.So do not know if rebound from decongestant spray or something else.CT SCAN CAME BACK NEGITIVE AND CAMERA UP NOSE NO FURTHER PROBLEMS, ONLY SEEMS TO BE SWELLING OF NASAL TISSUE. Anyone simialar problems ? and did you get result.
thanks andy from ayrshire scotland.
Hi , thanks for reply , last time i used sinex was 17th july. I was a bit pissed off as my ent SPECIALIST advised me to use as top up to nasonex and flixonase which thinking back was wrong.So far today has been the best for some time infact best since i got sypmtoms.
It stinks that the doctor recommended the Sinex 'cause as you now know now it helps at first but does more harm than good after a few days.

Hopefully the steroids will knock the swelling down and the Nasonex will keep it down. You probably should also be on an antihistamine during allergy season to keep your allergies from causing more swelling.