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For me it is sad news.. the ENT said i had pristine sinuses..this is what we go for after surgery! My sinuses were black, no narrowing on the left side. Lots of black, no gray to indicate swelling or thickening, straight septum.

Why is this sad? for the last few years i've had sporadic swelling in the left side of my maxillary sinus. The episodes can last 3-7 days and i have a lot of fatigue with it. No obvious trigger, food or weather. I'm also not allergic to very much.. blooming trees and i think house mold. I think i may have developed something like ragweed.. but nothing severe.

He said continue with irrigation, use the nasonex faithfully for a couple of months, add foods to my daily journal. He said weather too but i told him I already do.. I said i have a years worth of journals. Just so frustrating.

I went to my chiro/naturapath and he tested me for some foods.. dairy (cheeses, milk etc), wheat, gluten, and something else. I had a *slight* increase in sinus activity with cheddar cheese vs white, *slight* with wheat. I also had more of a reaction to commercial eggs vs home grown/organic. I did have a *slight* reaction to corn.. not sure how much corn is in what i eat. I'll have to find out if it is the actual corn or corn products

Sucks.. I have a limited diet due to texture when it comes to veggies, and what upsets my hiatal hernia. I just want the fatigue to be gone when i have these episodes