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Do you have allergies? I was never allergic to anything until 2 years ago when my life changed. My nose began to run all the time and I started having sinus infections every few weeks. I was finally tested for allergies and I have them: Ragweed, fungus, mold and they are uncontrollable. The bad smell comes from my nose running constantly. I take antihistamines, decongestants, Nasalcrom, Nasonex, and Atrovent everyday and nothing helps the smell. It gets better but it never goes away. I am so feed up-I just wish this was over. It's ruined my quality of life. I really had a great life until this happened and for 2 years I've tried everything but nothing helps.

I tried allergy shots for 6 mos and no help with the nasal dripping at all. I plan to start them again tomorrow. The atrovent helps a little because it cuts down on the amount of mucus but very little, my nose still smells horrible, which in turn makes my throat smell horrible. It's crazy for me to think that allergies can affect your life so negatively, I'd rather have diabetes, or some other disease at least it controllable with meds.

The only other peson I know who suffers as much as I do is my mother she's been sick with allergies since her mid-20's as well and its ruined her quality of life as well. It's horrible, shes shys away from social events and people because of the smell that collects--she's all but given up on a cure but I still foolishly think its possible to be normal again.

Nothing I do helps. I perform nasal rinising at least 6-8 times a day it doesn't help at all. If I can stop the reation that would be the cure but nothing works. I've seen at least 15 ENT's and none of their patients have it this bad where they experience bad nasal smells, and bad breath. I just wish I could find a doctor and treatment that could give me my life back!