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I hate pred too, I'm on it long term and have put on sooo much weight with it. I have to work really hard to keep my weight stable and not eat much at all. Especially hard as I can't excersice cos of my useless lungs. I get really depressed on it to, I have to take an antidepressant to stay smiling!
Hope you are feeling better now, I just got out of hospital after another weeks admission, oh what fun!!! Pred back up to 40mgs and I'd worked so hard to get it down to 25mgs. Its not fair!!
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You and I must be asthmatically connected somehow, because the past two times I've been admitted to the hospital, you have also. lol. :)

I've gotten pretty depressed lately too. Everything just seems so dull. I feel like an invalid.

I don't absorb prednisone too well, they found out at the hospital a few days ago. My doctor is thinking about putting me on Neoral along with prednisone and I'm not sure exactly what Neoral is, but maybe I'll find out?
Quote from bluebanana:
Just out of interest, do you find that your asthma is linked with your cycle (i'm guessing you are female, if not please ignore)! Its just that research has shown that if your asthma is affected by your hormones then the pred doesn't work as well. Have you tried either the dissolveable ones (which taste vile) or the ones without the enteric coating.
Hope you are feeling a bit better now. x x x

That's an interesting bit of information. My asthma is somewhat linked to my cycle, but not 100%. This admission wasn't linked to it, but my other one was.

Dissolvable prednisone...that sounds way nasty. But I'll do anything to stay off of Neoral, it turns out that it's a major immunosupressant.

I'm doing a little better now. I'm still using the nebulizer every 3-4 hours but oh well. It seems like that's how it's going to be. How about you, are you a bit better?
Quote from bluebanana:
Struggling today, nebbing evry 3 hrs during the day and every 2 hrs at night, not much fun and I'm knackered!! Dissolvable pred tastes like nail varnish remover, but is a pretty pink colour!!! What dose pred are you on?? Also what is the generic name for the new stuff you are taking?? Not heard of it before. I'm hoping to try the xolair when it gets licenced over here. Find out tomorrow what the Brompton are going to do about rescheduling my tests.
I feel awful...... oh well, at least I'm not in hospital!!
Hope you are managing to go longer between nebs now.
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Eek, sorry you're nebbing so much. What do you use in the nebulizer? I use Mucomyst (really disgusting smelling, I try not to use it often) and Duoneb.
No change here - still nebbing every 3-4 hours. I don't even rinse the neb cup anymore, I'm using it so often. Some people at the pharmacy here that refused to fill my neb prescription ... I'm not sure why? :confused: Oh well, we eventually got it.

I'm on 40 mg of pred right now from 60 a few days ago. My face is beginning to get puffy and I'm constantly eating. I try to limit it, but it's difficult because my mom is always buying sweets.

I'm not on Neoral yet (and I hope I don't have to be on it) but it's generic is cyclosporine. My immune system is already shot with the pred (I've got some mad crazy thrush). Maybe you could ask your doctor about the cyclosporine, it might work for you.

Xolair might help you also. I've been getting monthly injections but haven't noticed anything yet (I hope I will though!!! ) It's generic is omalizumab (not sure of the spelling) Hope it's licensed soon there, I think it might benefit you.

I think they should have gotten some tests done with your last admission. Maybe you could get an overnight stay (or however long it takes to get the tests done) to get things going.

Oh well, hope to hear of you doing better soon. I wish asthma wasn't existent. So many more people would be happier. Take care. :)