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Yes, colitis is treatable and it is thought to be caused by an over active immune system that turns in on itself and causes this inflammation within the colon. However, other causes are not that well know.

Treatment consists of antibiotics for any infection that might be present and a mixture of steroids to reduce the inflammation. Depending on the severity, he may also be given immunosuppressant medication to suppress immune system activity. This could be Cyclosporine (Neoral) or something called Tacrolemus. These are both used for transplant patients.

In the worse case scenario and depending on how bad symptoms are, a total colectomy may be performed, that removes the colon and then your father in law would have to have an ileostomy bag. This just means that the small intestine dose all the work and stools would be more liquid, but sometimes this is preferable to the amount of pain and diarrhea that people get with this.

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck?