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Sorry no one has replied to your post. I just saw it and thought I would let ya know that I have tried the doxipen. It did nuthing for me except make me very sleepy. Most people take it only at night and it helps sleep so you are not up at night miserable with the hives. I suppose it helped me sleep but as for the hives going away it did not at all. I have been doing this for three years now and have tried 15 different meds. Nothing except sulfasalizine helped me at all. Bebadryl helps with itching but the swelling is the worst part of it so I am on to stronger stuff now. More dangerous but I have high hopes. I am on Neoral. I refuse to do this forever. I have a huge notebook full of hives info and know more than I ever wanted to know.
I hope yours does not last so long and you don't suffer through the Dr. maze and medicine rollercoaster. If you want you can click on my username and read all my posts about hives on this board. There are a few older threads on here too about it if you want to do a search.
Good luck to ya!!