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Hi kiran and sorry you have joined the rest of us. No cure, yet. That is right but there may be some things you could try to help you. I had the best luck with sulfasalizine and am now doing Neoral. I will add more about that on the other thread later but wanted to say hi to ya. Not sure what country you live in so the meds there may be different than the states.

Well, Hogey. I have been wondering what happened to ya. Nice to see you are still alive. Figured you had left this board for good. I'm well into 3 years of urticaria now and still waiting on your wise words. So come on, spill the beans. Whats you magic potion that fixed your mast cells? I'm a waiten. I am heading to Florida this week so hurry up would ya. :cool: Gonna go see if I can catch a gator or two while I am there. :D