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Hello Kristy, sorry you have joined us in this battle. I have had hives ( delayed pressure urticaria, chronic idiopathic and angioedema) for over three years now. I have tried it all too. Stopped birth control, and taken around 18 different meds. Antihistimines don't help at all either. I am on another more dangerous medicine now called Neoral. It is a immunosuppresant.
Your best bet for answers on here might be to do a search on this board. Search....hives, urticaria or you can click on my user name and then scroll down to view all posts by me. There are some very long threads on here and you will read all kinds of things from people using natural treatments, accupunture, enzymes, and will power. The Drs are clueless as to how this affects our lives and for me puts all fun to a screaching halt. Who wants to wear a swim suit or shorts when you are covered in wealts.
My next step if this medicine does not help is to go visit the Mayo clinic. Sorry to not have better news for ya but you are not alone. I have spent countless hours doing research and have a nice thick notebook to show for it but there is still hope out there somewhere. So do the search and get busy reading. Knowledge is power. Hopefully you battle won't be as long as mine.