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Ambush, my advise is to read the long thread on this board called severe chronic urticaria. There you will find many answers to your questions. I have had urticaria/ hives for over three years now. No cure. Most likely no one cause. The Dr.s are clueless. Each person is a little different. I get delayed pressure hives, and angioedema. Along with the general hives all over my body for no reason. I am going to a dermatologist every two weeks now and am on a immunosuppresant that is so strong and dangerous that I have to get blood work done every two weeks. I have tried 18 different meds. Predisone is the only thing that gives me complete relief but no one can be on it very long. And the rebound when coming off it is awful. I have done 8 rounds of that now. Steroids can cause many different side effects that are bad too. Chronic hives can be long term......like I have heard of people having it 10-20 years. If you are lucky.....yours will go away all by its self. I had them in high school for about 6 months then intermitantly for 15 years. Now I wake up with a new batch every day. One drug that helped alot was sulfasalizine but it did not take the pressure hives to I am trying a new drug now called Neoral. I also take three other drugs every day too. The Dr. ( dermatologist ) says I am a hard case and it may take a while to get mine under control. I am trying to be patient and keep my hopes up. I hate getting blood drawn and don't enjoy sitting in the Dr. office so often. We have to watch my kidney function and blood pressure, and liver too. This medicine also increases my chances of getting cancer among other things but at this point...........I'll try anything.
I really hope you don't have hives long term and they do go away very soon. I hate explaining my hives to people and get the usual responses from people all the time. I try not to let anyone know how bad they can get. Hard to hide when it is on my face though. I also get them internally. Throat swelling is no fun either.
I go to a dermatologist instead of a allergist because I don't believe it has anything to do with allergies. It makes no difference what I eat, touch or breath . Some people get hives from things like excersize, water, heat, cold, pressure. And yes, I have been tested for everything under the sun.
Good luck to you in your search for answers!