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I wanted to let ya'll know what the drematologist said when I went back last week.
He doubled the Neoral to 50 mg a day. I have had no relief so far,but I have had no side affects yet either. H saiit could take three months and will see me again in Februaury and I have to continue with getting blood pressure checks and blood work done before my next appt.
I am going to be flying to Florida in a few weeks and am hoping I don't get any worse and I am wondering how the flight will affect me too. Will I get hives from my seat belt and the seat from sitting for so long. I am wanting to do a few fun things while I am there. Probably get welts on my shoulders from carring my luggage around the airport and to the car. The person I am going to see has no idea about me having this,so I will probably have to explain it all to her. I imagine I will wear shorts and maybe want to wear a swimming suit but I wonder how many welts and red spots I will have on me. What if I go walking on the beach and step on sea shells.......gets hives on my feet from that too. All these things I have to be careful about. Sucks!
But I will have fun anyway. That is my plan to do things as normally as possible. Wish me luck!
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HAIRDOER: How is your treatment going? I have been wondering about you. I know you were getting into some really heavy meds. If I thought it would help, I would possibly seek that route. I am absolutely miserable today.

Thanks for asking! Sorry to hear you are doing so bad. I know how much that sucks! I added you to my buddy list if ya want to send me a PM. I can whine with ya.
Yes, I am still on the Neoral. I started the end of December with 25 mg and doing blood work and seeing the Derm. Dr. every three weeks. He increased it to 50mg for awhile and I am now up to 75 mg a day and going back for blood work, blood pressure checks every two weeks. And guess what.........I have not had any hives since last week. Except one on my foot yesterday that was from pressure and it was very little. Good news for me but here is the kicker. I have been sick with a cold a couple of times.....nuthin major there. I work at my kids school so I am around sick kids everyday and there is always someone with some sort of sickness there all the time. SO I am bound to get sick with something this time of year anyway. Plus my kids have had the colds and fever stuff. Hubby has the cold now. I also am just getting over being sick with a intestinal bug. Not sure if it was a bacterial infection or viral but lets just say it was like having the stomach flu for a week and 4 days. I finally went back to work yesterday and my tummy is still not real happy about eating. It was the worse case of the runs........literally running to the bathroom I have ever had in my life. My hubby had to do everything around the house since I could not be more than 5 seconds from the bathroom, and I sent him to the store for meds and more TP everyday almost. But I think I will live.
I also went to Florida a coouple of weeks ago for 6 days and the DR. put me on steriods so I could get through that trip. The rebound coming off them was pretty bad too but I had to so I could survive the trip. My immune system is probably pretty low right now but I know this will end when the Dr. takes me off the Neoral. It is really nice to not have hives all over me. I don't miss them at all and if this medicine is really working and the end to the misery is in sight then it's all gonna be worth it in my mind. I still don't believe these hives are an allergy.........to any thing. Just my immune system being crazy, so time will tell if this medicine is really working like I think it is. This is me still being optimistic. :) :D