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hello there someone kindly referred me to this board in the hope that i may be able to get some advice/support.

im a 32 year old mum to an 11 month old baby and ive had PA for around about 12+ years now.

it affects my hands and my right knee. i have taken methotrexate until it started making my hair fall out and salazoprine (sulphasalozine) which didnt benefit me and am now taking cyclosporin (neoral) which is usually used as an anti rejection drug for people who have had transplants.

despite the best efforts of the rhuematologist and doctor and a failed 'tendon' operation my hands have gotten worse, especially this past week.

if we are able to post images then i will gladly post one taken today of just how bad it is.

the little finger on my right hand is now at a 90 degree angle from where it should normally be and the other fingers are following suit. the left hand tends to mimic the right so i full expect the same to happen on that hand as well. its really painful, can feel the tendons being under strain.

is there any hope? i want to have more children, i dont want to give up my part time job (which involves working on a computer all day). have recently been prescribed anti depressants for my frustration at being unable to carry out everyday things with ease and also due to a bully at work who 'picks' on me because of my disability (though this cannot be prooved but my boss is having a word with her).

should add i have never suffered severe psoraisis, i just have the classic pitting of the nails and get 'pustules' on my fingers from time to time.

my sister was telling me that PA is hereditary 95% of the time through the male blood line only. does anyone know if this is true? i unfortunately dont know if my father had PA as im adopted and my adoption papers tell me nothing as he died before i was born.