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You both have the same issues I had. I will be posting the whole story later when I have more time. But for now I had to let ya know a little info.. Ask to be tested for progesterone allergy. I small amount injected under the skin in the forearm. I had delayed urticaria and did not show the reaction for about 6-8 hours. It is rare to be allergic to your own hormones but I was. Do a search about it on the net. Your body, if you are female produces more progesterone at different times of the month. That is when it gets worse but you have it in you system all the time so it is possible to have hives daily.........but worse at certain times of the month. SO in a nut shell, I took Danazol. Yes it is expensive but my next option for a cure was a full histerectomy. Or at least to remove the overies. I have been off the meds now for awhile and no hives at all yet. Believe me, I have been fighting them for well over 5 years. Actually lost track of how long for sure and the list of meds is very long too. I even took Neoral. I think I did predisone over 30 times. It was the only thing that made me feel human except the sulfasalizine. It worked for while but I hated to get the blood work done so often and it finally quit working too. You can search all posts by me and see for yourself haow long I have been doing the research. I hope I am done for EVER! I thought I should come back on here to offer my experience and suggest this test to be done on all women who suffer with chronic hives. Keep reading and talk to your DOC. Good luck to you! :D