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Hi. thanks for the information. However, the Dr. found out that Mylotarg would not work for him (My Dad.) So, they gave him Cytarabine for chemo.Right now the white blood cells are very low. Does anyone know about
filgrastim (Neupogen), i.e. how fast does it work? Thanks
Neupogen is a shot to bring up the white blood cells. Dad got them daily in the stomach (they want to give it in a fatty tissue) and they really helped in bringing up the white cells. His count got down to .2 at one time. The shot will bring the up until the cells starts producing on their own. There's also a shot called Procrait to help the red cells also but it's only given every 3 days or so. There's nothing for platelets. I had to give platelets for him but it was a waiting game. His are at 61,000 now. Hang in there! It's a long waiting process.