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My Husband was diagnosed with aplastic anemia about eight weeks ago after taking interferon and suddenly having his blood counts dive critical levels. His Hematocrit 14.9, Hemaglobin 4.8, Wbc 0.5, Absolute Neutraphil Count of 0, and a platelet count of only 6 thousand. He was hardly able to walk and was confused and disorianted. He also had a temp of almost 105 and was rushed to the hospital were he stayed for about 3 weeks before he was transfered to Duke Hospital. His first bone marrow biopsy showed just a rare cell here and there, but mostly fat and iron. They started neupogen daily, iv antibiotics, procrit 20,000 units 3x a week. His second biopsy showed his marrow to still be hypocellular but some improvement. So they discharged him from the hospital and were told they were hopeful he was on his way to recovery and should be transfussion free in a month. That has been a month ago and he still requires 3 platelet tranfussions a week just to keep him around 15 thousand. 2-4 units of packed red blood cells to keep his hemoglobin in the 8 range and his hematocrit in the 20-24 range. He is not better and our family doctor says we should just wait a couple more weeks then he will send him back to Duke. I am terrified he will not make it that long. Anyone else been through this? Is it safe to wait? Should we just go back to the hemoc doctor even though our family doctor thinks we should wait? Sorry for the long post.