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Jesse, Hi sorry that you had to find tihs board but glad that you did. It helps alot to ask others who have gone through tx or are going through it. I have had the experience of going through both the pegintron and the pegasys treatments. The good news is that you willl only have to do 24 weeks. I was type 1A (the hardest)

Everyones experience with these meds are different so you cannot go by what others have gone through. I won't lie about mine tx but it is NOT the norm. When I took the pegintron it was the worst. I could not even get out of bed for the first 3 months I was so sick all the time. Every bone in my body hurt, not just the muscles but inside the bones themselves. I always felt sick and always had a headache. I also took antidepresants and vicodin for the pain.After 3 months I was able to go back to work part time, but still my bones hurt. This treatment was for 48 weeks. There have been many people on these sites that I have talked to that had very minimal sides on this med. It just depends.

I relapsed after only 2 months and went on Pegasys combo treatment for 72 weeks.Alhough I did still have side effects it was nothing compared to my first round. I did end up losing my thyroid and have a few lingering sides still, but I am now 6 months post tx and virus free !!!!!!! I did cut back at work to only 4 days but that was my choice not because of the sides. I also was doing shots of procrit and neupogen after the first 3 months so I was giving myself 4-5 shots a week and still felt better than on the pegintron.

Drinking your recommended does of water helps and tylenol half hour before your shot, or tylenol pm(it you do your shot at night) really does help too. Make sure that your doctor is willing to help with the side effects, these are some really strong drugs and you don' need to suffer from any sides that can be helped.

Tell your husband that he shouldn't even bother with the treatment if he continues to drink while on it. Alcohol is like miracle grow to hep c. Why put yourself through it if you are not committed to clearing this disease.

I wish you and hubby all the luck and hope that you can beat this virus.

Debbie- I am so sorry to hear that the treatment did not work for you. did it at least slow the progresssion or reverse some of the damage to your liver. If I may be so bold to ask, why is transplant not an option?