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Thanks for asking about my mom. She is doing very well. :) Is having problems with blood counts so they had her inject herself with Neupogen for 3 days over the weekend hoping they can get the count up in time for Wed.'s Chemo and perhaps she will get all 3 doses of a round this time. She is currently on round 3 and Wed will be dose 3 of this round. She has fatigue starting Friday afternoon and all day Sat. She does get out of bed, gets dressed and then naps or watches TV most of the day but does do simple things like feed the dogs, look at her E-mail etc. Sunday she bounces back and is out running around and eats very well. Considering how bad that first round of Taxotere/ gemzar went she is doing so much better with it thus I am more ceratin then ever that she had a bug or food poisoning with that first round. Her hair has thinned alot but so far she has not lost it all and has enough left where she does not have to wear a hat when she goes out and thus does not look like a cancer patient and I think that helps her alot. She gets her CT next week then sees the doctor on the 25th. Her last blood test her liver function test came back 100% normal so the values that have been elevated have come back down which since we are fighting the liver mets makes me feel hopeful that the chemo is doing its job or at very least holding things stable.

I think that being an elderly nonsmoking person that my mom's cancer is less aggressive then NSCLC is when the patient is younger and /or a smoker. In 21 months the only mets have been to the liver and she seems to respond better to chemo and has less side effects then most of the younger people. I think when you get it as a young person it tends to be a more aggressive form and when you get it late in life it tends to be less aggressive as the elderly non smoking patients I have met with it tend to be more like my mom. Perhaps since cancer rates shoot way up as we age the cancer in non smokers is due more to the immune cells just wearing out and no longer being able to fight off the cancer and the cancer itself is also due to ageing of our bodies thus is a less aggressive form of the disease? That is my theory.

It breaks my heart when I read of the struggles of Stan and Bud and many others here. Their battles have been so very different then my mom's.People seem to think that a younger person will do better then an old person but I think the younger you get it the more aggressive it may be. Someone at work asked me if I was worried about geting lung cancer now that they feel it can be genetic but I feel that is true if your parent got it at a young age but not so if they got it in old age as I think is true with alot of cancers, ( sort of supports my whole theory) .

I hope Stan's CT in a few weeks shows improvement. I hope that you are doing well and taking care of yourself as everytime I read about all you have been through in the past couple years I want to cry as that is too much for one person to have to deal with. I am doing well except for the fatigue as work has been super busy and for 12 hrs it is non stop meaning we are lucky if we get a break to eat( we are trying to get the hospital to increase our staffing as since one of the other hospitals in town closed we get all their patients but have had no increase in staffing..crazy!). After 3 nights of it I come home totally wiped out take my nap then hit the road for OC .It just leaves me so exhausted.

Since my mom does not get chemo next week I will stay home and try to get some "me time" and get ready for the next round! Next week the canine agility /flyball club I belong to is doing a demo at a retirement home where one of my dogs has always been a favorite of the crowd so I am so happy it is a non chemo week and we will be home to go do the demo. Doing the demos for the retirement homes which we always end with the dogs socializing with the people is my favorite thing about agility as the old people just love it. So many of them had pets before they had to move to a retirement place and miss them so much that the minute we pull in they come out to greet not us humans but the dogs! If it is a place that does allow pets even the dogs come out to watch! It is so much fun and both my dogs love all the attention and love they get. The other benefit is I meet alot of elderly people and when they end up in the hospital I know them and know what they are like when they are not ill and they know me which makes caring for them nice. Anyway I am looking so foreward to my week and with my mom doing so well I don't spend time worring about how she is.

I hope that some better times are coming for some of you that are having difficult times as having a break from the constant struggles and being able to enjoy good days feels so good for body and soul. Today is my brothers 45th birthday and yes my mom even baked a birthday cake to take to him and now will start making Easter sugar cookies that she even decorates then delivers to her friends and people like the mailman and her VET. ( every holiday the vets office looks foreward to the goodies she makes them!) It feels good to see her doing the things she enjoys doing.

My prayers go out to all of you and if you are just beginning this journey I hope my mom's story gives you some encouragement as to why you should try chemo if the doctor says it will not cure you but only buy you time. (There can be life during chemo!) That time could be another Christmas, Easter, Birthday, graduation, wedding etc with your loved ones and that is very important to both you and even more so to your loved ones. You do not know how you will respond to treatment until you try it and if it is too horrible you always have the option of stopping it. God bless everyone that comes to this site looking for help and understanding. :wave: JanMarie
My mom's blood counts are too low again despite the neupogen shots over the weekend so she does not get her chemo this week. They called at about 9PM last night to tell her but unlike last time they did schedule her for next week. Guess she will be having a good Easter weekend since she feels so good and won't spend Saturday fatigued from chemo. I guess this is just going to be how this chemo goes as she has done 3 rounds of Taxotere/gemzar and has yet to get past the two doses of each round ( should be 3 doses). Hopefully it is doing some good and next weeks CT shows some improvement or even shrinkage. I guess the low blood counts are to be expected with this chemo and when you are on your 3rd line of chemo + tarceva as there is only so much a body can take.

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend and as always you are all in my prayers and often in my thoughts. JanMarie