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I hope that Stan was able to poke himself. It is not easy as I remember back in college in a biology class I took we were learning to do blood typeing and were suppose to poke our lab partners fingers well after about an hour with no one poking any one it was decided everyone would poke themselves and that took along time for some people to do too!

One of my best friends developed diabetes at about age 40 and at first she too had a hard time poking herself but watch out she was soon poking anyone that came to the house "let me check your blood sugar" thank god she out grew that phase!

I have to draw arterial blood as part of my job and being that an artery is deeper then a vein it can hurt alot . Doing those first few pokes over 24 yrs ago was difficult then you just get use to it and it is no big deal and I am sure Stan will find his pokes that way too. My mom has had to check her blood sugars before and had to do her own neupogen shots but she had no problem with either but she is a tough old girl!

Anyway I am pulling for Stan and I am sure once his blood sugars come down and are under control he will start feeling better too. My prayers are with him as always. Hope you both are enjoying our beautiful weather this week. JanMarie :cool: