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We saw my mom's doctor yesterday and got the results of last weeks CT. The lung remains unchanged with no tumors seen, just a scar where it had been, no new mets anywhere but it is suggestive of progression in some of the liver mets. They did not give any measurements which they usually do so with the largest mets. I take this to mean there is some possible slight growth ( but I have heard tumors can fluctuate slightly in size too) so they are not 100% sure if they see progression or not so label it as "suggestive of progression." Liver panels are 100% normal so We are viewing this as stable. Yes we would rather hear shrinkage but this far along in the game stable is ok to hear so we will take it. They will keep her on the same chemo for now as she has yet to get all 3 doses in a round and the doctor feels that may account for no shrinkage and if nothing else the chemo she has gotten has either stopped the growth or at least slowed it to a crawl. So on we go with the Taxotere and Gemzar. I have to be honest the last few doses have not left her as fatigued as the first few did even thou she has been anemic!

He did put her on Procrit so now she has to give herself that shot once a week,which is no big deal as she has been doing her own neupogen injections. Overall she is feeling good and is baking cookies today so the boys ( 3 grandsons ) have cookies when they come visit which they frequently do. The 14 yr old is so darn cute as he comes over after school and volleyball gives her a kiss tells her how much he loves her, fills her in on his day and before he leaves she gets another kiss and I love you. I am not sure he even realizes how much that means to her.

I did bring up the HKI 272 to her doctor but he did not even know what it was! I told him it is the next generation of EGFR drugs that they hope will help people that have the EGFR mutation but quit responding to Tarceva or Irressa and that it has begun phase II clinical trials but still he seemed unaware. This is what makes me a little nervous as chemo is what he speciality is yet he often does not seem aware of the new drugs in clinical trial.( and other cancer patients have told us he is the best one at Kaiser..yipes!) The clinical trials for it have an exclusion saying you can not have had more then two chemo agents so I don't think she could get into one,which considering how well the tarceva did work for her is a big bummer.

All of you remain in my thoughts and prayers and I have not said how nice it is to have Tom who can share his knowledge of having a lung nodule that is not cancer but rather is cocci join our group as he gives hope to those just being told they have a lung nodule as thank god it is not always cancer, Thanks Tom! JanMarie ;)