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Here in the States Tarceva is covered by most health plans. Don't know about Canada. The drug company also has a program to help people who can not afford the drug.

When my mom started it we thought wow that is expensive! ( about 3 thousand a month) My mom did respond to Tarceva so even if we had had to pay for it ourselves it would have been worth every penny!Then later when we looked into Avastin we decided Tarceva wasn't that expensive after all as Avastin was running about thirty thousand a month! Even the procrit and neupogen was up in the range of Tarceva. It is just insane what drug companies can charge for drugs!

As for the month wait, I know there were periods during my mom's last chemo where she either just did not feel well so they held the chemo or her blood counts were low so they held it so she would go more then a month without treatment.

I think my mom put up with her last chemo ( her 4th line ) much longer then she wanted too because she did not want to hurt us by deciding to stop treatment. By doing so she did suffer in the quality of her life as that chemo just wiped her out till she felt she could not go on and stopped it then only lived another month never getting any strength back. It was just a down hill spiral. I know she would have been happier had life been easier those last few months instead of longer.

I will send lots of prayers and positive thoughts your dad's way. JanMarie