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I have 3 weeks left of a 24 week regimen. As the treatment began I felt fine and thought I'd get through with none of the scary side effects. As the weeks went by, I got weak, flu symptoms, low white blood count--basically felt like s&^$!
I have not been able to work out of my office, fortunately, I can work from home but most days don't feel like it.
I have NO viral load :angel: and my WBC is now up thanks to Neupogen 1x a week.
I just got a good treatment from the pharmacist, finally, for sore tongue--take equal amounts of childrens liquid benedryl and malox and rinse your mouth and spit.
It is worth it and I too wish I had started the antidepressants-any other questions just ask.
2 more weeks to go-
an additional side effect-my hair is falling out-thank god I have a lot of it. The doc also prescribed liquid lidocaine (finally) for my sore tongue.
I just had a viral load test and it's still undetectable, but my WBC is back down again even with the Neupogen.
It's all worth it though-did he start TX yet?
Monday is my last interferon and wednesday is my last neupogen (for the low wbc)-I will be so happy not to take the ribavirin. I think that's what causes all the bad stuff.
I have no viral load, although I have been told it can come back.
I didn't get depressed until it was almost over and it never was that bad.(now I can say that)
Good luck with your husband.
I'm hoping the side effects go away quickly. They have me on liquid lidocaine for mouth pain right now.
The only good side effect was losing 20 lbs. And, of course losing the HepC!!!