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Hello girls,
Kaylar , thank you for your wishes and prayers. I am sorry that you are not feeling so well after the chemo.

Ails is right the platelets help the blood clot. If they are critically low then you have a platelet transfusion. I am not aware of any medication that increases platelets in the form that the Procrit or Neupogen does for the white and red blood cell production.

Hope that your labs will be fine and that you will be feeling better soon.
Yes., Singer where are you? We all hope that you are doing ok.

I talked with my brother everyday and he is in good spirits. He is just so bored. He actually was riding the stationary bike yesterday. He is so restless and tired of laying there doing nothing. Bless his heart he is so determined.
If he can be that positive than I must be so for him.

Thank you all for your prayers for him