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Kaylar, Just found these posts. I am sorry that you are at a standstill again.
It is hard to be positive when faced with a serious illness. You think you are not strong but you are. To get up every day and face what you are facing is strenght. You probably have more courage than most because you are doing this alone. It is not unusal to want to give up and sometimes many do but those people are the ones where no hope is left. You have a good chance to be cured and healthly again. These setbacks are expected in most cases. These drugs are toxins so they will cause unwanted side effects. It is scary to think about it but scarier to think that if you are not on these drugs what it will do. You need them to beat this. Think of them not as the enemy but as your ammo to fight the cancer cells. I don' mean to beat a dead horse but when you get the neupogen you know it is going to make you have bone pain so take the pain meds. Advil is not going to work. Percocet is not going to hurt you by taking it. If you are getting leg cramps ask for Quinamm. It works. Drink you water and keep hydrated. Eat even if you do not feel like it. These are mantras that you need to keep telling yourself. Can a car run without fuel?? No. Well your body is your car and you need food to keep it going and water to flush out toxins and keep your organs working.

Listen to your nurses and your friends here that have made it through this ordeal. I am sure that they can write the book on what you are doing through as they have walked in your shoes. I have not but I can only tell
you through my work experience. I do know that the patients that had a positive attitude were the ones who had the least amount of problems and when they did have a setback they dealt with it the best they could and moved on. Do not know how they did it but it gave me strength in dealing with my family in their time of need.

When you are well you will not remember most of what you are going through. My Mom didn't and I was glad for that. She had a set back after every chemo treatment and went into the hosp. She had everything that could go wrong , go wrong. She was in her late 70's. Had severe kidney disease. She made it. She was cured. She never believed once that she
could not beat it. She even had to be fed with a Peg tube. She survived.
I had her for 3 more years to love and would still have her but her kidneys gave out. I know that your Mom is holding you in her arms and urging you to go on. You may not feel her phyically holding you but her touch may be the gentle wind that touches your face or the bird that sings outside you window.

Stay strong and take one day at a time. It is not the journey but the destination. You will get there.