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Hi Singer,
Sorry that you are not feeling good but hopefully this is the last time you will need to have the neupogen. You should be producing the white cells on your own now and not need the shot.

Yes, I am changing my life partly due to what my brother said to me. He said
live your life to the fullest and do not be afraid to do things cause when it is
your time it doesn't matter what you are doing. It took me awhile to change but since I have taken chances I am enjoying life alittle more. I still worry about everything but not as indepth as I did before. I would ruminate over things to the point that it was hard for me to have any joy. I am trying hard to experience life to the fullest.

Yes , illness can alter your perspective on your life and it effects the whole family. It is hard to see someone you love go through a serious illness and
I am sure it is even harder when you are the patient. I know when I went through a cancer scare 2 yrs ago I was so miserable not knowing what I might have and going through all the worst case scenarios. Too much knowledge can be lethal, especially with someone like me.

I am very proud of you and your strength. You might not think you are strong but you are and so is everyone who has gone through this type of
illness. You can and are an inspiration to others who are just beginning this journey.

Take time , baby steps , one day at a time and before you know it you will
be back better than before.

Write when you can.


The cream is Zostrix. I had to rattle my brain to remember what it was called. It is a topical analgesic cream and research has found that it helps
shingles. Ask your nurse. I am sure that it is still on the market.

Hope that it gets under control and you can proceed with your treatment.
Stay strong and believe that you will be well again real soon.