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[QUOTE=greeneggsandham;3216467]I am on pegasus/ribavirin treatment for Hep c, I am genotype 1a and have been on treatment for 21 weeks. The viral load has dropped significantly (6.4 down to1.7) but my last blood test indicated that my white blood cells had dropped considerably as well!!

My specialist was not helpful (apart from reducing my interferon dose) as to what this meant and if there was anything I could do to elevate them!
Does any one have any info on what a very low white blood cell count could implicate and if I can do any thing to support the lil buggars!!!

my wbc also went down --makes you tired! My doc put me on a weekly self shot in the leg to raise it. My mind is also shot as I can't remember what it was. Ahh-it was Neupogen. But, I don't really think the wbc went up until I was done with TX. Maybe it kept it from going lower though? Hang in there--this too shall pass.