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Each person is different but I took what is commonly referred to as combination therapy for my Hep C. I took one injection of pegalated (sp) interferon once a week and 800 mg of ribavirin daily (pills). After 2 weeks of therapy, I also had to start taking neupogen and epogen injections once per week to boost my white and red blood cells.

My side effects the first injection were pretty bad but the worse of them only lasted a few hours. The side effects stayed with me constantly but not like the first night. They were tolerable but I just felt like crap. My therapy was to last 48 weeks. Initially my viral count was around 12 million and by week 10 the viral count was 100,000. At week 12 my Dr. made me quit because my platelet count was at 16,000 and my hemoglobin was at 4.5.