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it really does affect everyone differently. Can i ask what chemo combination you are recieving? my hair started to fall out properly after my third treatment, so i got a friend to shave my head before it all fell out. i didnt think i would have coped with it. and it was almost like having control. it was my first thought after i was told my diagnosis! i think your hair will gradually fall out and its up to you if you want to shave it or not. i never wore my wig (except to college) and my hair started to grow back (like 2cm) so i never had a completely bald head. and now, 6 months later i can put my hair in bunches! which has made me very happy this week! i guess focusing on the little things helped a bit. i told my doctor after i finished that they should always tell you about the pros of chemo before the cons (no periods, no shaving legs etc, being able to eat anything you want!)
i was in agony before my diagnosis and it took the docs 9 months to even believe that there was something wrong with me as all i presented with was lower back pain. during my first treatment i realised that i didnt need to take any painkillers whereas i took them every 2 hours for 9 months! so i think i was just so happy that the pain was gone. i later found out when i had to inject myself with neupogen (to increase my white bollod cells) that i was getting the same pain and my doc thinks it was my body trying it's hardest to fight the cancer cells.
anyway good luck. this site has helped me through everything. i never felt i could really talk to my friends or family and i relied on these guys loads. and they were all amazing. i couldnt have done it without them!