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Thank you for asking. I have now completed my ABVD. The scan shows the lymphoma is in remission. But, I am having a lot of trouble breathing, which can be a side effect of one of the ABVD drugs. It can be very serious, so I am unfortunately not out of the woods yet.

I am sorry to hear about your husband. I did not get shingles, but when I was on ClVPP I had one infection after another for the last couple of months, all of which required hospitalization. There were at least two occassion when I got home from hospital, only to spike another temperature within a few hours, which required me to be readmitted. Treatment was delayed on at least two occassions.

What are they planning on doing about the shingles? Are they giving him any anti-viral treatment?

I know that CHOP does cause greater immunosuppression than ABVD, which makes people more vulnerable to infections. Are they using either of the drugs that boost white blood cell counts? Neulasta or Neupogen. I've been on Neulasta throughout my ABVD, and it has done the trick in terms of keeping my white blood cell count up. No infections, or temperatures over 38 at all. An enormous contrast to my previous experience.

Being a little bit cynical, I would recommend that you seek as much information on your husband's illness and treatment as possible, because you cannot always rely on your doctors to be as knowledgable/responsive as they should be. The internet is a fantastic resource for this purpose. The downside is that it can be a little bit scary. But even if you have absolute faith in your medical team, a little bit of background knowledge puts you in a better position to ask the right questions.

I hope the shingles comes under control quickly. Two members of my family had it some years ago, and it is not a nice illness.
Best wishes